Single-Axis Motion Controller for Linear Servo Amplifiers

New motion controller from Varedan Technologies offers space savings for high-performance servo systems.

Torrance, CA, January 16, 2009 --( Varedan Technologies ( has introduced the VMC-3000 series single-axis motion controller module for their LA series linear servo amplifiers. The controller is a DSP based plug-in card that can be configured in a variety of modes including position mode, torque mode and a high-precision frequency locked velocity mode for systems requiring ultra-low jitter performance.

The controller accepts quadrature encoder feedback from a motor mounted encoder and provides sinusoidal commutation of the linear servo amplifier stage. The controller can accept industry standard +/-10vdc input for simple torque control, or can be configured as a complete single-axis positioning or velocity control system.

A built-in operating system allows the user to program the motion parameters over a high-speed serial interface. The rich set of internal commands allows customization and tuning of the PID parameters to the application. Acceleration and deceleration ramps are built into the software and include both linear and S-curve profiles. The controller can be configured to generate position or velocity commands internally, or follow an external pulse train for slaving or electronic gearing applications. Using stored position or velocity profiles, speeds up to 30,000 rpm can be achieved with the proper motor/amplifier combination. On-board optically isolated I/O allows the module to interface to a wide variety of sensors and switches within the range of 5-24vdc.

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Robert Danek