tyBit Introduces Web Conferencing & Video Service

Fayetteville, NC, January 18, 2009 --(PR.com)-- With an Internet connection, anyone can hold a meeting, with anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world. tyBit Unified Search (www.tyBit.com) announced today the release of its newest product, ty-Meeting (www.tyBit.com/tymeeting). According to company officials, ty-Meeting is a complete Web-based conferencing platform that allows its users to hold online meetings and collaborate with a rich and powerful feature set that includes document and desktop sharing and significant multimedia functionality at an extremely low price while delivering a high quality of service. Other features include slide presentations, audio conversations, video demonstrations via Webcams, plus private and public chat windows. ty-Meeting is a cost-effective way to communicate with your existing and potential customers and coordinate with staff at multiple locations. “This technology enables co-workers, customers and prospects to view any application running on a computer in real time without downloading any software. With the flexibility to meet online, users are able to do more and travel less,” said Sean McCoy, VP of Marketing. “We have positioned this as a low cost, high quality, competitive solution to GoToMeeting and WebEx. A phone or video server because ty-Meeting includes both.”

With the current state of the economy and everyone looking for ways to cut costs, ty-Meeting offers instant Web-based meetings for sales presentations, training or customer support. Travel costs are dramatically reduced using ty-Meeting or when schedules are changed at the last minute ty-Meeting gives an end-user the flexibility to open up a laptop find a WiFi connection and make the meeting happen. “It’s easy to conduct meetings on-the-fly, re-schedule presentations with prospective customers, conduct live demonstrations in real time, collaborate on documents with colleagues and provide training to employees and customers. Within seconds subscribers will see and increase productivity and the chance to generate more revenue,” said Kitti Jo Finch, General Manager of tyBit.

ty-Meeting is fully integrated into the tyBit search engine, ad module and social network. Advertisers can create links that lead directly to an active meeting from their tyBit ads. With this unique interactive feature, interested customers connect with sales people in a single click. Consequently, interested buyers can talk to, see and chat about a product when their curiosity is high. “We reduce the time between interest and satisfying that interest by quickly connecting the potential client to a live sales person in a virtual conference room,” said Finch. “tyBit is leading the way with internet technologies that help businesses succeed, first with a cutting edge interactive ad network, to creating a new Web presence with our Business Promoter plan (tyBit.com/business-promoter) which combines a PPC advertising campaign and a robust web hosting platform. The release of ty-Meeting ties-in perfectly with our other products and helps businesses advance in the global market.”

Place an order today, ty-Meeting call 1-877-404-7250 now and speak to a tyBit team member or visit (www.tyBit.com/tyMeeting). The service requires no software downloads or physical media and works with many of the popular operating systems and Internet browsers. “Since becoming a tyBit Advertising Reseller I have switched to using ty-Meeting because it is better, cheaper and works with my tyBit ad campaigns,” says Kalim Hasan, Program Manager of WCCG 104.5 FM. “Now, when someone clicks on an ad, they instantly connect to one of my sales people. Not only is this the best web collaboration suite on the market, it is the next generation for PPC and interactive advertising. This is real Web 2.0”. ty-Meeting is capable of addressing the needs of home based businesses and multi-national corporations alike. Ty-Meeting includes archiving, email, scheduling, video and audio sharing and two-way video conferencing. ty-Meeting also makes it possible to host a Web meeting, share documents, and collaborate on a built-in whiteboard.

tyBit Inc. is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, an industry trade association dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in online advertising. tyBit Inc. began development of its search engine and social network in late 2006, its beta version was released in the second quarter of 2008 and went live” at the end of third quarter 2008. In the fourth quarter of 2008, tyBit grew from 30 million searches per month to a rate of more than 70 million per month thus far in 2009. tyBit Unified Search provides a comprehensive search of the Internet. tyBit combines the data from multiple search engines and indices and delivers a search result that is relevant based on user preference, the multiple sources, geographic location and time. All tyBit Media Resellers and Publishers receive a search application that embeds in the partner Web site, as a private label toolbar. Publisher partners license a private label ad module from tyBit. This allows the partner to create a proprietary ad network or open it to third party advertisers at their discretion. tyBit actively seeks business to business partners.

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