Sonitrol Pacific Calls, Police Chase Suspect Into the Woods

Seattle, WA, January 22, 2009 --( A man cut a hole through a Seattle Azteca’s wall in order to get inside, but thanks to timely response by Sonitrol Pacific and the police, he was arrested before anything was stolen January 20.

Operator Michael Young received the security system activation from the restaurant and listened to real-time audio to verify the alarm. Young heard banging and movement inside the building, and called Seattle Police.

Police responded quickly to the verified alarm and arrived at Azteca in less than six minutes, just in time to see a man jump off a dumpster behind the restaurant and run off into the woods. Officers gave chase, caught and arrested the man.

Other than the hole in the wall, the suspect didn’t have time to do damage to the restaurant or take anything.

This is the second time in about three months Sonitrol Pacific has sent police to arrest suspected burglars at this Azteca location. Owner Eduardo Alvarado is very thankful.

Sound Security, dba Sonitrol Pacific
Pamela Singleton