How to Radically Speed Up New Product Introductions to Web Stores and Print Catalogs is offering a Free product information guide. Product Introduction Cycles are getting Shorter and Shorter, Yet Enterprise communication of new product information to customers and prospects is still in the Dark Ages. This guide tells marketing and technology professionals how to get new product information to customers faster to boost sales.

Dallas, TX, January 28, 2009 --( Time cycles for new product introductions are getting shorter. Innovation cycles, improvements to existing products are speeding up too. Yet communicating new and fresh product information to customers and prospects is still slow and cumbersome. Print publishing solutions are old and are not built for fast product data publishing. Publishing fresh product data to web sites takes too much time and often lacks needed product attributes. Slow and incomplete product communication will kill potential orders at the best time for a customer and prospect to buy, just when product information is fresh and timely. And the growing demand for products from all corners of the world demands and forces localized communication of product information. Simply put, the customer needs product data in the local language and currency. Yet many marketing departments at major enterprises, struggle with publishing product data in multi-languages and multi-currencies quickly. And these companies suffer because of this.

Poor Print Publishing and Web Publishing Cost Sales

Global manufacturers can not afford to lose sales. Sales are lost because fresh product data is not given to customers and prospects fast enough. This pain can be caused by marketing silos; marketing departments working independently that do not benefit by sharing intellectual property. Take a company which has 7 divisions world wide and that reports to corporate HQ in the US. Marketing coherence can not happen due to marketing silos. If new products are introduced on a monthly basis even a two week communication lag time will depress new orders. Marketing professionals are re-inventing campaigns and making new print materials each day. What is working, what is not, what has already been done and what has been created, is a mystery. There is zero re-use of strategies and materials. is offering a solution guide which will fix this break in marketing communications.

Fix Product Information Communication...and Fix your Sales Pipeline

A central repository of marketing data, with access for each marketing professional, offers rich benefits. Just a shared image database which is loaded with current product images would add consistency to print publishing and cut costly re-work. By building a template library of acceptable and approved marketing communications would end redundant work and cut costs. Plus killer campaigns, the campaigns with results proven, can be shared by all. Marketing intelligence can be gathered. Split tests, and other analytics can be viewed, learned and shared to drive the company to improvement and bigger success by focusing marketing spend on winners.

Build a Road-Map to More Sales

Most enterprise professionals will agree that to speed product information communication to customers will speed orders and sales from customers. This is logical, the faster the buyer or prospect gets your message, the sooner a buyer or prospect can purchase your products.

A Dynamic Print Publishing Solution is a High Payback Application

Pim-Data is offering a free report written by a top product information publishing solution expert. This report, 24 pages loaded with information, will help IT, operations and marketing professionals craft a product information mangement plan.

This report will help enterprises streamline, transform and make more money.

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Jim Romano