Baysource Global Announces Opening of New China Office

Tampa, FL, January 29, 2009 --( BaySource Global is pleased to announce the opening of its new sourcing and engineering office in Shenzhen. With an expanded staff to include mechanical and quality engineers combined with their existing sourcing experts, Baysource specializes in project management on behalf of U.S. clients in the following areas:
LED and PCBA assembly SMT and through hole components or a combination of both;
Electromechanical assemblies, specifically assemblies which incorporate motors, PCBA's and/or electrical wiring into a functional assembly made up of mechanical components.
Mechanical components cover the spectrum of all plastics grades, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and cast metal parts,
Injection Molded Assemblies; all grades of commodity and engineering grade plastics. Single and multi cavity tools. Single shot, double shot and over molding options.
Stamped Assemblies, Progressive, Deep Draw, Transfer and Single Operation pressings available in all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Spot welding and all painting types available.
Cast Components & Assemblies;Pressure casting in Magnesium, Aluminum & Zinc. Investment casting in steel and stainless steel. CNC machining, sand blasting, polishing, painting and lacquering options available.

Projects requiring a high degree of value added engineering and quality control services for middle market companies are the company's specialty.


Company Information:
Name: BaySource Global
Address: 1010 S. Rome Ave.
City: Tampa
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Country: USA
Phone: 813-251-4184
Baysource Global
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