Dmitry Znosko Becomes the Sole Owner of Famatech

Dmitry Znosko, the founder of Famatech, bought out Dmitry Kurashev to become the sole owner.

Moscow, Russia, January 30, 2009 --( Famatech, a world-wide company famous for Radmin (Remote Administrator), its award-winning remote control software, is now solely owned and presided over by Dmitry Znosko, the chief developer of Radmin and the CEO of Famatech International Corporation.

Famatech’s former president and co-owner, Dmitry Kurashev helped create Famatech. He established planet-wide partners and distributor networks, formed many important strategic agreements, and helped Radmin to become one of the most popular remote control software solutions on the market.

Dmitry Kurashev will continue his career as a co-owner and the CEO of Entensys company, an international security software vendor developing the popular proxy-server, UserGate.

Famatech International Corporation
Natalia Melnikova