Streak Free Michigan Introduces the Ultimate "Green" Cleaning Cloth

Going green is more than just a theme it is being put to use in of all places the kitchen and the bathroom with the release of the Ultimate cloth. Created with Mira and Micro fibers, this cloth needs no chemicals to clean, just water.

Shelbyville, MI, January 30, 2009 --( Did you know that cleaning products were responsible for nearly 10 percent of all toxic exposures reported to U.S. Poison Control Centers in 2000, accounting for 206,636 calls? Of these, nearly two-thirds involved children under six, who can swallow or spill cleaners stored or left open inside the home.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside the typical home is on average 2-5 times more polluted than the air just outside—and in extreme cases, 100 times more contaminated—largely because of household cleaners and pesticides.

The good news is that The U.S. market for natural household cleaning products has grown to $100 million annually, according to natural goods retailer Seventh Generation. This represents just one percent of the total household cleaners market, but it has been growing by 18-25 percent each year for the last five years.

Streak Free Michigan sells the Ultimate “green” cloth and is part of this new market. The Ultimate cloth has now morphed into the “green mit” and the “green mop,” both new products from Streak Free Michigan.

The ultimate cloth cleans Household Windows, Mirrors, Glass, Ceramic Tile, Stainless Steel, Counter Tops & More. The Ultimate Cloth with the exclusive MiraFiber™ Technology holds 7 times its weight in dirt, grime and liquid. Each fiber in the cloth is 200 times finer than a human hair. (this is the secret of the MiraFiber™ incredible cleaning ability). Open spaces between fibers hold dust, dirt, and oil until washed away with mild soap or detergent.

For more information about the Ultimate cloth, please contact Lorraine Koloseik at (269) 792-8078 or e-mail at

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Lorraine Koloseik