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Using a Digital Camera to Capture Your Aura

Atlanta, GA, May 04, 2005 --( Barbara Gray, author, speaker, and energy healer from Marietta, Georgia, asked a friend with a digital camera to take her picture after she did what she calls “The Gold Light Meditation”. Both were amazed that Gray’s white shirt turned pink on the left half, and on the right side, gold, green, and pink designs appeared. When she enlarged the photograph on her computer, the gold, green, and pink colors formed what experts call “sacred symbols on a square grid.” Sacred symbols are the foundation of everything.

Gray found that she could feel the emotions around different colors and change the color of her skin, clothing, furniture, walls and other objects in a room. “For instance,” she says, “when I feel the love of God, everything becomes purple, pink, and green. It’s easier to explain if you see the picture…and more believable. The walls in my house are painted winter white, but when I get “charged” with thoughts and emotions, I send them everywhere. But of course, we all do that—it’s called sending out vibes. The digital camera just picks it up. I have taught my friends how to do it, so I have some amazing pictures. We are all aware of feeling blue or in the pink, being green with envy, or so mad that we see red, I often tell audiences. We literally become those colors. I have taught hundreds of people to see auras in seconds.”

“You can take pictures of the various colors in your aura with a digital camera,” says Barbara Gray, the personal energy expert. “Besides a digital camera, you can see peoples’ auras on TV, in videos, and in pictures in the computer if you learn how to unfocus your eyes and be aware of how the energy in an aura moves. The amazing thing is that you can actually see a person’s aura move on the screen. I can increase my aura using different techniques and watch it get larger on the computer screen. Sometimes you can see auras in photographs you have taken with a regular camera.”

The author of two books on energy, Secrets Of Energy, Unlock The Creative Power Of Your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Energies, and Energy Management, How To Increase Your Positive Energy, Gray has been studying energy and auras since she received a “hands on healing” from one of the rarest cancers, myoleiosarcoma1997. She experienced surgery in 1994 and another in 1996 to remove malignant tumors. She looked toward alternative/complementary medicine when two small tumors started to grow on her left side, and then she asked 25 people in a healer’s group to send her healing energy. Gray has since been cancer free. In the book Secrets Of Energy, Gray proposes that what we call “the mind” is actually what we call the “aura”. She takes a chapter to discuss the similarities of how the mind and aura function.

Gray says that a digital camera captures sharper images than even the eye. The “secret” is in knowing how to increase your electro-magnetic field (aura) with your thoughts and feelings, Gray says in her books about energy. “I use a Gold Light Meditation I was inspired to write to increase my aura to more than 30 feet.” The usual size of an aura, which is egg-shaped, is around 10-12 feet. It contains various colors that appear in different shapes, patterns, and as sacred geometric symbols, or it appears cloud-like and image free.

Increasing your aura with higher vibrating energy changes the energy level of everything around you: people, walls, furniture, the air you breathe…everything. “It makes a you a better, more powerful person,” notes Gray. “I am able to do energy healing both locally and long distance because all subtle energy is connected. We haven’t been taught about subtle energy, but it is the “building blocks” of everything in the universe. Quantum physicists say that everything is built upon sacred geometric symbols such as triangles, circles, squares, etc. Each of the trillions of cells in our bodies is built upon one of the sacred symbols, depending upon the kind of cell it is.”

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