Premier Concierge, Inc.

The To-Do List: A Thing of the Past

Berkeley, CA, May 04, 2005 --( San Francisco Bay Area Company, Premier Concierge, Inc. makes the dreaded "to-do" list a thing of the past. Providing a variety of services, from errand running to event planning, Premier Concierge, Inc. may allow you to never run an errand again.

Everyday, individuals, small business and large corporations are looking for help not in the office, but in managing and simplifying their personal lives. The demands on individuals today have never been greater, and with an average of 25 hours dedicated to errands, housework and shopping, weekly "personal time" has dwindled. The number of working hours by professionals has grown dramatically over the past decade and has left little to no time to focus on family, friends and favorite pastimes. Prior to Premier Concierge, Inc.'s arrival, the availability of resources to assist individuals and company employees in their personal endeavors has been limited.

Kenya Moses, Founder & CEO of Premier Concierge, Inc. created the concept a couple years ago, while pursuing a career in financial planning. “One day, I was analyzing the US stock and bond markets, and the next I was developing a business plan for concierge services. It was a complete three-sixty, but I felt that I was going to provide a service that would benefit many individuals for years to come. - said Moses.

The goal of Premier Concierge, Inc. is to give the members of the Bay Area the opportunity to live life to it's fullest and to significantly reduce unnecessary stress. With the assistance from Premier Concierge, Inc., Bay Area families have the capability leaving all of their "to-do" lists in the hands of professionals and have confidence that their needs will be handled completely, efficiently and with the utmost confidentiality.

Life-enhancing services from Premier Concierge, Inc. range from the ordinary to the extraordinary and include assistance such as errand running, package pick-up and delivery; assistance with making domestic decisions like child-care, housekeeping, child educational services; and event planning such as a wedding.

To receive additional information regarding services provided by Premier Concierge, Inc., please contact Kenya Moses at 888-355-8013.