Tristar Assets Launches New Business Model Skip the Career Fair, Just Win an Executive Job

New York, NY, February 06, 2009 --( TriStar Assets announced today the launch of its new business model. Beginning immediately, TriStar Assets will offer an Executive level position as an option in its asset promotion by way of its website, TriStar Assets is the only online Financial Social Network that exclusively offers winning a job-VP of Business Development for one person that will be selected from its membership base. All an individual needs to do is have an affinity for sales, customer service, client relationships or any customer-facing background and become a member of the network. The selected member can chose the Vice President of Business Development position, anywhere within the continental USA.

TriStar Assets’ model is very simple: individuals subscribe to the financial social network on a per promotion basis at the cost of $100 or the equivalence of 20 lattes. The pooled memberships are then given to one member per promotion in the form of a ‘Member’s Only award’ consisting of several options, all in the $500,000 range and include: A Job- VP of Business Development; Mortgage/down payment assistance; Tuition Help to any combination of primary, secondary or tertiary US accredited institutions; A personal makeover; A yacht or sailboat; An Oceanfront Condo + Harley; a Platinum Wedding or Bash and many other options.

"This economy needs new solutions. While the competitive nature of our society has developed a deep rooted and debt-supported Modus Operandi of keeping up with the Jones’, the current recession and shrinking markets yell out for a new approach in meeting our financial demands. Why not ‘win’ a job or two years rent for your small business or a significant payment towards your mortgage?”, explains Alexandra Zafra, Managing Director of Business Development at TriStar Assets. “Many economists had predicted that the future of commerce would trend towards a tight integration of self sustaining local economies, otherwise known as green economies. One in which sourcing and distribution would occur from a collective of inputs resulting in outputs back to the collective. We have taken this concept and through commoditization brought it to all socio-economic strata within our financial social network. One member at a time, one asset at a time, our network bails itself out”, Ms Zafra added.

Additionally, each promotion provides a substantial donation to a designated non-profit. The upcoming February 14, 2009 promotion will provide Portledge School of Locust Valley, NY a $100,000 donation towards its financial assistance fund.

"Getting the word out hasn’t been difficult with a $10,000 referral incentive that the member referring the selected member gets at the end of the promotion. We aim to keep our model win-win-win because many can use the extra help,” Zafra said. “We are dedicated to energizing the sale of goods and services in the communities we operate in and facilitate the acquisition of the same within our network, one member at a time. It’s a new channel of distribution.”

About TriStar Assets: TriStar Assets is a subsidiary of Agora Holdings, LLC, a New York Limited Liability Company, that is dedicated to providing business solutions to its members and channel partners. TriStar Assets offers financial social networking, information, and asset promotions via its website,], to individuals, businesses, and channel partners within its by-invitation-only private network.

TriStar Assets
Alexandra Zafra