Hometown Girl Saves Friend with Legal Protection

Columbia, SC, May 05, 2005 --( Rosetta Williams, an independent Prepaid Legal Services Representative sells a Pre-Paid Legal Services membership along with Identity Theft Shield to an old friend who later became of victim of identity fraud. Her membership helped her to expose a criminal and restore her good name.

One day, Williams ran into a friend of hers who was the person she initially had heard about Pre-Paid Legal Services from years earlier. Ironically, Williams ended up selling a Pre-Paid Legal Services membership to her old friend.

Several weeks later, the friend called Williams in a panic. It turns out she had been taken in to the local police station to make an identification of a woman who was wanted for murder. Though she didn’t know the woman, it turns out that the woman had all of the friend’s personal information. She had been using it to open credit accounts and to hide from police.

The friend was very fortunate, normally a person, never finds out who has been using their information. And even if they find out their information has been stolen, the normal recourse is for you to put an alert on your credit bureau file. Having purchased Identity Theft Shield along with her membership, the friend soon found out value of her Pre-Paid Legal protection. Not only was she able to prosecute the offender, she was able to get a brand new identity with her good history; thanks to Williams and her Pre-Paid Legal Services membership.

“Once a person has been a victim of identity fraud, they are 9 times more likely to remain a target for years to come. There are many companies who offer credit activity monitoring. But, most plans don’t go far enough, because they don’t help you to restore your identity,” says Williams. Dedicated to providing this much needed service to the community, Williams is a staunch advocate of the value of Pre-Paid Legal Services.

Originally from Washington, D.C. via Detroit Michigan, Williams is a proud member of the business community in Columbia, South Carolina. However, by special request of she will be traveling to Pomona, California to “Your Dream Mortgage” 2005, May 21, 2005. At the event she will be managing seminars and offering her services to people in the market for a home loan.

Pre-Paid Legal offers legal service plans for middle-income individuals and families. Their plans are designed with the cost-conscious consumer in mind. Pre-Paid Legal markets the Identity Theft ShieldTM to help a person stay ahead of the fastest growing white-collar crimes in history.

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