All Natural & Sustainable Product Coupons & Giveaways Prove Huge Success for Web Based Company, My Healthiest Life

Delray Beach, FL, February 14, 2009 --( My Healthiest Life, a web based company started over 2 years ago by health researcher, Noelle Quero was initially the answer to her own shopping frustrations. Always being an avid health researcher, she found a need to pass on product and label information to people who could be easily misled by the over use of words like 'Natural', 'Organic' and 'Healthy'. What initially started out solely as a product review and recommendation site, has now evolved into much more. My Healthiest Life researches, reviews and recommends only the best in all natural, organic and sustainable products, and this is no easy task. It involves looking into product's ingredients, manufacturing practices and standards and often talking to the owner's of companies to get accurate information. The focus now is on introducing people from all around the world to all natural and sustainable products only after they meet the strict criteria set forth by My Healthiest Life's requirements for review. Once they pass the review, they receive their Seal of Approval and are then recommended to the readers and subscribers.

My Healthiest Life also focuses on doing at least 5 Giveaway's a month for the products that they are reveiwing. The newest sister site, My Healthiest Life Presents: Natural Product Coupons, has begun to take off at lightening speed due to the demand for All Natural Product coupons, which are often much harder to find. Now reviewing an average of 5 new products a week, My Healthiest Life couldn't be busier or more pleased with their growth.

The My Healthiest Life All Natural Product Shopping Guide is soon to follow and will be in Supermarket's and retailers across the Country by the end of Summer, 2009.

"There is such a need for clarity when it comes to organic, natural and sustainable products. People get easily confused by all of the false labeling, and rightfully so. When most people see 'Organic' they expect the product to be super healthy and have only the best ingredients. Unfortunately, this is just not the case. That's where our experience and discerning eye comes in. We take all of the worry and work out of picking the best all natural products for you and your family. And hopefully you learn a thing or two along the way." Noelle Quero, Founder, My Healthiest Life.

My Healthiest Life
Noelle Quero