Lens Cap Productions llc

Filmmaker launches new site to promote company and change lives.

Chicago, IL, May 06, 2005 --(PR.com)-- Aspiring filmmaker Elaine Haygood has just launched "Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo". The website is to promote her company, Lens Cap Productions which is currently in its start-up phase. The website's name, taken from a quote by the Roman poet Virgil best sums up Ms. Haygood's attitude towards working to succeed in the film industry despite the odds being against her.

"The quote translates into, 'If I can't bend heaven, then I'll stir hell." Says Haygood. "To me, that means you don't give up. You push on and find a way, or make one."

Haygood started her company three years ago, but a failed deal and the loss of her home put all plans of filmmaking on hold as she was forced to move herself and two teenaged sons back to her hometown of Chicago to start over. Now, having taken some time off to regroup, she's decided it's time to give it another go, but this time, she's doing things a bit differently.

"One of the best things about the internet is that it gives me a vehicle to reach out to the people who I want to make movies for. I can talk about the movies I intend to make and get feedback directly from the fans. This allows me to keep on top of how people respond to my work, but also serves to show the studios back in Hollywood that I can build a fanbase before I've even shot a film. Hopefully, that will make me a bit more desireable in their eyes in regards to funding my projects."

She also intends for the site to motivate and instruct other people like herself who want to start a business of their own, but are intimidated by the idea that to do so would take vast amounts of capital they don't possess.

"I'm currently living on a fixed income with two teenaged boys, I don't have tons of money to invest in equipment, supplies, what have you. But, I do have a computer and I put in every bit of spare time I've got to work on all the things I would have otherwise had to pay others to do for me. So, what I lack in money, I make up for in time and energy. And, if I can use what I've got to help one other person see that they can have a shot, so long as they're willing to work for it-then I've accomplished something real, haven't I?"

To learn more about Elaine Haygood or Lens Cap Productions, go to: http://www.hokeysmoke.bravehost.com