Touch International Recommits Austin Headquarters

Austin, TX, February 18, 2009 --( Touch International, a leading touch screen manufacturer based in Austin, Texas signed a new 40,000 square foot lease with expectation to expand Texas headquarters in coming months with the introduction of new technology scheduled for release later this year.

“Touch screens are everywhere with new applications growing every day,” cited Michael Woolstrum, CEO and founder. “Despite adverse economic climates, TI is well positioned to meet the expanding market demand in military, aerospace, industrial and consumer devices. The Austin team is extremely focused to ensure TI touch screens are designed into next-generation touch products whether built in Austin or in our six Asian factories.”

Seven years ago, two industry leaders formed Touch International and operated out of a small rented space in Hutto co-located with another tech company. In 2004, the company moved to its present headquarters in Austin, and then nearly doubled the facility in 2007. At the close of 2008, the privately-held global enterprise employed more than 1200 people building millions of touch products per year in eight factories world-wide.

“I’ve leased the Austin buildings to Touch, as well as, been involved with the principals of the company for many years,” said Roy Beard, Vara Properties. “I continue to marvel at their aggressive growth despite economic adversity or just the common challenges with any fast-growth start-up enterprise.”

“Touch International has been a first rate and reliable tenant occupying two of our commercial industrial spaces since 2004,” says Doug Thomas, broker for Live Oak Gottesman. “We take pride in continuing long term relationships with our tenants and are excited to renew TI’s Lease. We look forward to a continued alliance with TI and are eager to assist them in their local expansion plans.”

Expanding through acquisition and organic growth has been the foundation of the company’s success. In 2004, they purchased controlling interest in a Japanese company that served as the basis for their low-cost, high-volume, manufacturing factories in Asia. In 2007, the company purchased the resistive touch screen technology assets from 3M Touch Systems distributing the assets to the Austin and Asia factories. In 2008, DuPont Display Enhancement Corporation sold their California company to Touch International Display Enhancement Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Touch International Corporation.

“Given the economic pressures, we’re redefining our value proposition to ensure every TI customer gets the best price and performance,” Woolstrum adds. “Austin plays an instrumental role to ensure rapid design and development for all of our American business. High-value products used in military, medical and aerospace stay here while high-volume products are off-loaded to our facilities in China and Japan.”

TI’s China factories manufacture Apple iPhone-type projected capacitive touch screens, resistive sensors and glass filter products used in touch screens, EMI, anti-reflective or anti-vandal filters.

Touch International, headquartered in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2002 by Woolstrum and long-time veteran, Gary Barrett, the company’s CTO. TI has become a world leader in touch screen and EMI filter technology. The company, with its partner DMC, Co. Ltd. in Osaka, Japan, operates eight manufacturing facilities worldwide with 1,200 employees.

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