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Amiad Filtration Systems

Amiad Releases New Scanaway Filter, Proprietary Cleaning Technology Revolutionizing the Semi-Automatic Cleaning Filter Business

Oxnard, CA, May 11, 2005 --( Amiad Filtration Systems is revolutionizing its manual plastic and steel filter business with the release of its Scanaway Filter and its Retrofit Assembly Kit. This filter applies Amiad’s proprietary “suction scanner” cleaning technology (normally found in its high-end, fully automatic filters) to its manual filters, creating a semi-automatic filter for irrigation and other applications at a fraction of the cost.

The Scanaway Filter is available in 2” – 14” steel and 2” or 3” plastic. As an added benefit, Amiad is releasing the Scanaway Filter at an introductory summer discount of 5 percent with free freight on plastic filter orders through July 31, 2005. Amiad is offering this discount to its entire U.S. distribution channel.

Amiad is the only water filtration manufacturer to address the irrigation industry’s need for converting manual filters into semi-automatic cleaning ones with suction scanner technology.

“The practice of irrigating with waste water is an increasing trend and posing health risks for our customers,” explains Vice President of Sales and Marketing Eric Rothberg. We wanted to develop a product that would drastically reduce direct contact with water and ease the labor of manual cleaning. We’re excited our Scanaway Filter provides an affordable solution to meet these needs.”

Rothberg noted the Scanaway Retrofit Assembly Kit also provides an upgrade path for Amiad customers who’ve already invested in its manual filtration system.”

How it Works
The Scanaway assembly consists of a hollow PVC or stainless steel pipe with suction nozzles that are facing the inner side of the screen. A handle connected to the suction scanner from the outside, allows turning the scanner in a spiral movement so that it rotates inside the screen surface without touching the screen. Opening the exhaust valve at the filter lid will create low pressure conditions, causing the scanner nozzles to suck-in dirt from the screen surface and expel the dislodged particles out through the valve. Scanning is done during the filtering process and never disrupts the water supply. The Scanaway has screens available down to 50 microns and can handle flows up to 4400 gallons per minute (gpm).

Scanaway Features/ Benefits

• Safe: Drastically reduces the need for users to physically touch the water
• Affordable: Provides customers an affordable alternative to automatic, self-cleaning filtration systems
• Efficient: Saves customers valuable time and money by easing the manual filter cleaning effort
• Extensible: Also sold as a Retrofit Assembly Kit for customers needing to upgrade their manual filtration system
• Versatile: Available in 2” – 14” steel and 2” or 3” plastic
• User Friendly: Doesn’t require technical aptitude; cleaning action is achieved by a simple turn of a handle


For nearly 25 years, Amiad N.A. has been an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of water filtration systems, including manual and automatic, self-cleaning filters, valves and accessories to the irrigation, industrial an municipal markets. The company is headquartered in Oxnard, California, with sales and distribution offices located throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Renee Cooper, Marketing Manager
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