Vaccon’s Modular High Flow Vacuum Pumps Power Robotic End-of-Arm Tools for Pick and Place Medical Applications

Vaccon Company of Medway, MA offers an entire line of modular venturi vacuum pumps and End-of-Arm Tooling components that easily mount to 1”(25mm) and 1.5”(40mm) extrusions to create a complete “wrist-down” EOAT for pick and place medical applications.

Medway, MA, March 02, 2009 --( Vaccon’s “M” model venturi pumps generate high vacuum flow, critical for overcoming leaks inherent in handling flexible/wrinkled materials such as transferring plastic bags of blood test tubes or saline solution.

Using Vaccon EOAT components, designers can integrate vacuum pumps, cups, fittings, sensors, spring levelers, gages and universal brackets to extrusions with simple erector-set connectivity in minimal design time. Vaccon’s modular venturi pumps are cost effective and offer maximum design flexibility. Designers choose only the options and features necessary for their specific tool saving time, money and weight.

Available in seven different models, Vaccon’s modular venturi vacuum pumps range in flow capacity from .5 to 28” SCFM (LPM) and offer three vacuum levels: “L” (0 to 10”Hg/339mbar) for low vacuum/high flow applications; “M” (0 to 20”Hg/677mbar) for medium vacuum/high flow applications or “H” (0 to 28”Hg/948mbar) for high vacuum/standard flow applications.

“Designed for Dirt” – Vaccon pumps don’t lose suction, clog, or require maintenance.

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