LeadPile Sees Gold Rush on National Gold Center Type Money for Gold Leads

Phoenix, AZ, February 28, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Within three months of announcing the introduction of their new online lead space, Money for Gold Leads, LeadPile has created quite a stir on the online Cash For Gold Business. LeadPile, The World's Largest Online Lead Marketplace, or Lead Exchange, has reported that there is a high demand for Money For Gold Leads, and have seen volume increase dramatically in the past three months. Lead Publishers, who have begun begin producing more Precious Metal Purchase leads, have helped LeadPile to continue its position as The World's Largest Exclusive Lead Exchange.

Andy Jacob, Founder of Leadpile, says "There is absolutely an incredible opportunity for our publishers to produce Online Money for Golds leads, and earn substantial income. And, with our Microclick technology, Publisher can easily use their sites to target each Money for Gold keyword that they want, add use the MicroClick's simple, automatically produced code to monetize their traffic."

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Andy Jacob