McCain Supporter Moved by Obama - Offers Unemployed Free Coaching

Impressed by the President’s Call for Americans to “Pull Together” and to “Commit to More Education”, Company Offers Helping Hand. President Obama’s speech made an impact on at least one Chief Executive Officer - Arcella Global’s President & CEO will make available free career coaching to a limited number of unemployed workers - a benefit worth more than $500 per person.

New York, NY, March 01, 2009 --( President Obama’s speech made an impact on at least one Chief Executive Officer - Arcella Global’s President & CEO will make available free career coaching to a limited number of unemployed workers - a benefit worth more than $500 per person.

“I heard the President on Wednesday, and despite my political differences, I recognize that he’s right when he says that ‘what is required now is for this country to pull together’”, says President and CEO of Arcella Global, Bill McDade.

As a result of the speech, Arcella Global is making it’s career coaching services available to unemployed workers for a limited time. “A lot of people who get laid off have few places to turn, few people to discuss their situation with openly…and candidly”, says McDade. Career coaching is one of the services that Arcella Global offers clients, along with Project Management Training and Consulting. “It feels like the right thing to do. We don’t anticipate receiving any benefit from our free offer - other than trying to make the world a better place.”

McDade proudly supported John McCain in the Presidential election. But he wants everyone to know that the election is over, and “it’s time for everyone to get back to work. Let’s make this the best country to live in and work in. Let’s help Obama be the best President that he can be. That will help every American.”

McDade knows what it’s like to be laid off. “Look, I worked for a small company in Pittsburgh years ago. The business was going through a tough period, sales were down. Ultimately, management made the decision to cut back on expenses and laid me off. It was a tough pill to swallow. I had to go home that night and tell my family that I’d lost my job. That was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to say to people that loved me. It was not easy. And back then, I didn’t even realize the options that I had open to me. I felt like all of the doors in my life were closing in on me, weighing me down. But you know…that just wasn’t the case. That wasn’t reality. It took me a while to deal with the change, but it made me a better person in the end – a happier person, a more successful person.”

Arcella Global began offering career coaching after one of the Projects that it managed involved the moving and laying off of hundreds of workers. “There became a real need to help people on that project, “ says McDade. Coaching services were added to the package that employees received, and the employees that used the coaching came to a better place in their lives much faster.

Arcella Global specializes in Project Management Training. Arcella Global offers courses to people interested in Project Management as a career path. To learn more about Arcella Global’s offer of free career coaching, please visit their website at Arcella Global’s offer of free career coaching will only be available for a limited time. The value, $500, that is mentioned in this article is based on an hourly coaching rate of $250/hour. Coaching services may be performed via e-mail. Any coaching engagement requires the participation of both the coach and the participant.


Arcella Global was formed to meet the consulting, training, and coaching needs of businesses, governments and individuals. As we’ve grown our practice we continue to focus on delivering consulting solutions while developing public courses in Program and Project Management, Business Process Redesign, and Portfolio Management. At Arcella Global, we help both individuals and organizations “Leap beyond expectations.”

Arcella Global, through this free coaching offer, will not be held liable for results that do not match the expectations of participants. Engaging in career coaching is not a guarantee that one will receive a job offer or promotion more quickly than if no coaching services were engaged. Arcella Global is not making an offer of employment by offering free career coaching services for a limited time.

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