One Important Action EssentiaLink Recommends Leaders Take to Secure Their Enterprise and Reduce Cost

Waiting to implement the cost saving services is like waiting until you have money in a savings account before you start saving.

Westminster, CO, March 06, 2009 --( The poor economy is causing knee-jerk reactions everywhere. Normally clear thinking leaders are scrambling trying to find immediate ways to cut costs and strengthen cash flow. With the recent data theft from major payment processing organizations, lowering IT costs to secure an enterprise seems counterintuitive.

Fortunately, technological advances have made available a wide range of managed IT services, that can immediately cut costs, and almost always improve security. But for a number of illogical reasons, IT managers sacrifice a lot of time and money avoiding a necessary action.

“I am always surprised when CIOs and CEOs delay the implementation of outsourced IT services because their IT staff is too busy to do it. If their IT staff is too busy to make the simple transition to outsourced IT services, how can they possibly be staying on top of all the patches, updates and essential maintenance?” This comment by EssentiaLink's CEO Bill Douglas, highlights the typical “I'm too busy to be bothered with efficiency” reaction that costs companies a fortune in both time and money.

As Mr. Douglas points out, “sure there a few steps to take to get outsourced IT services up and running, but once completed, costs are immediately lowered and hundreds or thousands of IT staff hours are freed up. Waiting to implement the services is like waiting until you have money in a savings account before you start saving.”

Business Process Outsourcing has been an excellent cost saving solution for decades and IT managed services is the latest performer. By outsourcing the necessary, but routine, IT tasks like network security, backup and disaster recovery and server and workstation maintenance, Leaders can immediately reap the benefit of more time, lower cost and improved IT security.

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