Lean Functionality for Dynamics NAV

Lean is now available for Dynamics NAV.

Atlanta, GA, March 06, 2009 --(PR.com)-- eBECS announces the launch of its Lean Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to be released the second quarter of 2009. With manufacturing companies facing serious obstacles in today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever to operate in a streamlined, cost effective manner. The launch of Lean for NAV will allow mid-sized companies to take advantage of the Lean way of doing business, eliminating waste in their processes, cutting production costs, and being better prepared for fluctuations in customer demand.

Lean functionality available for NAV will include Kanban capabilities such as: Kanban Calculations which help companies improve performance, reduce waste, and take steps toward achieving true Just in Time (JIT); Visual Kanban Management which provides at-a-glance status of Kanbans on the floor, so there are no more inconsistencies between shop floor manual boards and NAV; Kanban Priority System to help companies reduce back order or shortage costs and inventory costs at downstream stations; and Line Side Kanbans to keep Fixed Supermarket Kanbans held at the work cell while having traceability and compliance throughout the supply chain. Lean for NAV will also include Inter-site Kanbans to allow site specific Supplier, Manufacturing, and Supermarket Kanbans; and Rework Kanbans to help remove waste associated with complicated rework routers and provide functionality to treat rework instances as normal Manufacturing Kanbans.

Their Lean solution for Dynamics NAV is designed to offer the market a different way of meeting customer demands, yet at the same time providing the benefits that lean techniques offer. Waste reduction is critical today as manufacturers focus efforts on cutting costs to overcome the impact of today’s economic situation,” says Andrew Rumney Solutions Director eBECS. The NAV Lean Solution will be sold through the Microsoft partner community and will be available by the second quarter of this year.

The announcement of the Lean for NAV release is timed to coincide with the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence event which will be held March 10-13 in New Orleans. Convergence is the premier Microsoft Dynamics event, bringing customers, partners, team members and industry experts together to discuss ways in which Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help companies cut costs, improve operational efficiencies, and increase employee productivity to foster growth. “eBECS is exhibiting at this event, booth #540, as well as speaking at a couple of sessions which discuss Lean implementation and Lean functionality for AX. We invite all to hear these presentations, as the material will also apply to NAV. The Sessions are:
· IDAX11 Implementing Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
· IDAX10 Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX

We look forward to spreading the word at Convergence that NAV will now have Lean functionality available and we are looking to the partner community to identify launch customers for this new solution that eBECS and the partner may work together with,” says Darren Hogg, North America Practice Manager.

“About eBECS: eBECS is dedicated to business improvement by the use of “Lean Thinking” throughout the extended supply chain. eBECS has expertise in the removal of waste from all aspects of the organization together with the specific solutions on defining value, establishing flow and running an enterprise based on pull techniques. The focus of eBECS is to enhance Dynamics AX and NAV products, enabling organizations to quickly take advantage of all that “Lean Thinking” has to offer. eBECS provides a technology and business partnership approach, which at its heart, removes the complexity and hype surrounding the Lean and e-business world.

For more information on this Lean solution and others, please visit www.ebecs.com.

Lori Ellington