On Site Manufacturing, Inc. Announces New Designs

In a continuing effort to build equipment suited for a variety of applications, On Site Manufacturing Inc. (OSMI) is pleased to announce the release of two new products providing exceptional electrical heating and air handling.

Austin, IN, March 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- On Site Manufacturing Inc. comes with a rich history of emergency response in the world of commercial and industrial equipment. It also has the benefit of drawing on a 20-year history in manufacturing of close tolerance products.

Compact Heat: 75 KW and 150 KW Electric Heaters

Using the experience gained over several years building our very reliable 75/150 KW heaters, they redesigned the entire unit with the goal of reducing size and weight without compromising performance.

The new "Compact Heat" unit comes in at 1,480 pounds and has dimensions of 6’4” L, 2’9” W and 4’ H. The unit is outfitted with forklift pockets on the side as well as the end for ease of handling. In addition, the unit has lifting eyes if that is the desired manner of moving.

Coming from a Rental world where portability and ease of deployment is an everyday requirement, they believe the new Compact Heat unit fills the bill. Irv French, President and Chief Executive Officer of OSMI said, “The new Compact Heat unit not only improves upon our existing design but makes it a much more versatile asset to any company. We listened to our customer’s requirements and are proud to deliver the most portable, powerful electric heater for the money.”

20 Ton Air Handler

Again, building on the experience gained in the redesign of the heaters, OSMI has turned their attention to the Air Handler with the same objective. Size, weight and portability were the guiding design principles and each was noticeably improved.

The new Air Handler has the same performance characteristics as the original unit and it does so in a package that is 5’ L, 2’8” W and 4’7” H. The unit has a weight of 1,000 pounds, which represents a decrease of 500 pounds over the original unit. With portability in mind, the unit is outfitted with fork pockets on the side and the end for ease of handling. Additionally, lifting eyes are provided due to their commitment to make the unit as safe and portable as possible.

Irv French continued his praise for the new Air Handler unit stating, “On Site Manufacturing is proud to introduce the 20-ton Air Handler. It represents a savings of over 500 pounds in weight, 28 inches in length and 22 inches in height while still delivering outstanding air handling our customers have come to expect.”

For more information regarding On Site Manufacturing and full product specifications, please visit www.OnSiteMfg.com.

Debbie Fife