Joan Dubinsky Publishes Two-Part Series on Corporate Codes of Conduct

Joan Dubinsky, the Chief Ethics Officer for the International Monetary Fund, has published a two-part series of tips and guidelines for writing and updating corporate Codes of Conduct. The article is available at Corporate Compliance Insights.

Dallas, TX, March 13, 2009 --( Corporate Compliance Insights, an online forum for knowledge exchange between successful compliance executives, has released a new two-part featured article series.

The series is entitled "Code Redux" and was contributed to Corporate Compliance Insights by one of its featured contributors Joan Dubinsky, the Chief Ethics Officer at the International Monetary Fund. In the two-part series, Joan Dubinsky outlines specific procedures and policies that serve as a "best practice" description for crafting and re-crafting a corporate Code of Conduct.

As stated in "Code Redux Part One: Updating Your Corporate Code of Conduct," Ms. Dubinsky explains that once a Code of Conduct is finally written, approved, published, and distributed, "no one wants to revise it. This article examines why the revision process is so dauntingly difficult, and suggests ways to simplify your approach."

A few of the article's key points are:

--The three big questions you must consider when writing and updating a Code of Conduct

--An analysis of how often a Code of Conduct should be updated

--Benchmarking and gap analysis

--Navigating the stages of review/approval and graphics/publication

"Code Redux" Parts 1 and 2 are available at the following links, which you can copy/paste in your web browser:

Joan Dubinsky is the Chief Ethics Officer for the International Monetary Fund. In this role, she has institution-wide accountability for advising, guiding, communicating, and enforcing the Fund's values and standards. Ms. Dubinsky also leads the Rosentreter Group, a management consulting practice providing expertise in business ethics, organizational development, and corporate compliance.

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