Business Inspection - Controlling, Risk Management and Early-Warning-System for Small Businesses

The Business Inspection offered by abenetis is like bringing your business to an inspection, as you do it with your car. As like inspecting a car, the whole business is inspected, by the user himself, as abenetis is only providing the framework for analysis and points the user to the most important topis in managing a business.

Singen, Germany, March 16, 2009 --( abenetis extended the scope of it's Online-Service by a Business Inspection.

The Business Inspection enables small and midsized businesses to build there own Controlling-System. The Business Inspection includes the following topics: Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Human Resources, Strategy as well as Risk management and Early-Warning-Systems.

Even in difficult times it is most important, that businesses keep overview about Revenues and Disbursements as well as there underlying structures. The service abenetis offers, is especially dedicated to small businesses which could not afford to hire a Controller.

While the service is used, it will be recognized, that "Controlling" does not mean to "control" or "supervise", it means to "monitor" the business. This "monitoring" is only possible, if the business management has the right information, upon which it could make to right decisions.

The Online-Service, which is offered as Subscription, includes operative Analysis as well as assistance to develop a business strategy. Furthermore, the Service provides an Early-Warning-System, which goes beyond the borders of regular Accounting Analysis. In Addition Checklists and Tools are offered for download.

Beside the extention of the Online-Service the pricing for the subscription has been changed. Subscriptions now start at 30.00 USD (plus 19% german VAT, if applicable) for a 3-Month-Subscription. The service is offered as 3-Month or 12-Month-Subscription.

About abenetis:
abenetis offers Services and Information about Business Effectiveness for small and midsized businesses. The services are provided as Online-Service, where users being provided with a framework to perform business analysis by themselves.

Stephan Szugat