Close More Deals on the Golf Course: How to Maximize Your Selling Opportunities While "Golfing Fore! Business"

Charlotte, NC, March 15, 2009 --( Some of the biggest business deals are closed on the golf course, but how you plan for the event and conduct yourself while on the course can make or break the deal. Richard Brasser, developer of a seminar designed to help sales associates close contracts on the course, was invited to share his expertise on this subject with a host of top sales executives at Administaff’s Annual Sales Convention on February 20th, 2009.

Richard Brasser’s presentation entitled “Golf Fore! Business” educated attendees on the proper way to interact with a client including a front nine, back nine, and 19th hole sales strategy guaranteed to maximize their chance of closing a business deal while on the golf course.

Highlights of the presentation included:

Match preparation: Who you should invite? Where you should play?

Sales preparation: Sales discussion topics suitable while on the golf course.

The Big Day: Course etiquette, rules to follow, and tools that help take the pressure off. When is the right time to bring up business?

Follow up: Proven tools and techniques on how to reintroduce the deal following the big day.

In all, Brasser’s presentation demonstrated a clear system in which sales associates can capitalize on their ROG, or “Return on Golf”. When implemented correctly, Brasser’s process helps sales people maximize their effectiveness and achieve their goals which clearly illustrate their return on investment.

Here is some initial feedback from the Administaff Annual Sales Convention:


I truly enjoyed your presentation content and style last week at our Convention. Thank you for being there and bringing this information to those of us who may not be as "bold" about using golf in business.

There are so many women business owners, as well as men, who play golf and have invited me along but I've always held back. I love the game but have never played enough to feel comfortable with better players.

Thank you again!” Linda—District Manager

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