Personal Concierge Services Are on the Rise Despite the Economic Downturn

Entrepreneurs ask: Why hire fulltime or even part-time help when you can have hourly and no commitments?

Los Angeles, CA, March 16, 2009 --( With the economy still struggling severely, more and more small business owners, entrepreneurs, families, and busy individuals are finding it difficult to pick up the extra slack at the office and then go home to take care of all of their unrelenting personal chores and obligations. Even as business owners and entrepreneurs are being forced to downsize while trying to keep their doors open, they have to ask themselves, “How can I do it all?” Family members and busy individuals are being similarly taxed by being required to put in longer hours at the office or on the job. And longer hours at the office mean fewer hours at home. People are being pulled in many directions at the same time.

Many, though, are opting for the benefits of an on-call/as-needed personal assistant service – known as concierge companies. These concierge companies provide much-needed relief without the usual ball-and-chain that go along with employing a full-time or even a part-time worker. Employers benefit by not dealing with the hassles of hiring/firing or fulfilling minimum required/requested hours for the employee. They aren’t expected or even requested to pay for medical, dental, vision, or 401k benefits. The employer, likewise, will not have to shell out vacation pay, holiday pay, sick pay, disability, or even workers’ comp. They can just pick up the phone, state their business or personal request(s), and the tasks are rapidly completed.

One such company providing these convenient services is Purveyors of Time. Purveyors of Time is a world-class concierge, personal assisting, and errand-running company providing lifestyle management services to the population of Los Angeles – and the entire globe. “We can add a 25th hour to your day,” says Jeannette Jones, CEO and Founder. “From personal needs to professional demands, Purveyors of Time’s clients enjoy a variety of lifestyle management services that run the gamut and ease their busy lives.”

“Whether our client needs us to fly to Tuscany, Italy, to personally procure a bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano or whether our client needs us to go to his loft to press a few shirts, no request is too extreme”, says Lisa Garcia, Director of Client and Vendor Relations. “In today’s economy, clients want value for their hard-earned dollars.” Purveyors of Time offers both competitive pricing and stellar service.

Offering similar services that are found at today’s five-star hotels, Purveyors of Time can offer those same services to their clients, but their services don’t stop at the concierge desk. Not only can Purveyors of Time secure event tickets, arrange for floral deliveries, and make reservations just like the fine hotels, their personal-assisting services pick up where the concierge desk leaves off and can consist of helping on a project at the home or office for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. Purveyors of Time’s errand-running services can consist of grocery shopping, dry-cleaning pickup, driving you to the airport (in your car), or coming to your home/office to notarize documents or anything in between.

Jones states with a nod and a wink, “There isn’t anything we really can’t accomplish – as long as it’s legal, ethical, and moral.”

Dr. Todd Hillyard of Camas, Washington, states, “Every time I come to Los Angeles, I call on the Purveyors of Time team. They take care of the little things, so I can focus on what I need to accomplish while I am in town. The Purveyors of Time team assisted me on a personal and professional level when I was opening my Los Angeles dental practice, and they were absolute lifesavers. They helped me run errands and helped me with organizational projects”

In the beginning, personal concierge companies were running errands and providing simple services. “Not anymore,” states Jones. “People are turning to personal concierge companies not only for personal needs but corporate needs as well. “ Purveyors of Time offers on-call/as-needed services as well as comprehensive packages. Visit their website at:


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