Betsey Johnson Joins Remedix of Boston

Trend-setting partners Remedix Shop and Betsey Johnson of Newbury Street, Boston, MA, are joining forces.

Boston, MA, May 17, 2005 --( Trend-setting partners Remedix Shop and Betsey Johnson of Newbury Street are joining forces to bring days of pleasure to the ladies of Boston. Remedix is known for its natural and customizable beauty products, as well as its interactive and personalized shopping experience. Customers will also get the chance to receive a free makeover and free samples from Remedix, as well as be the first to witness some of the latest works of Johnson; one of the top, world famous designers of our time. This is just one of the many upcoming events sponsored by the award-winning team and patrons should look forward to many more in the future.

Remedix Shop has forged its own path away from the industry norm and moved ahead of the coming trend by providing a unique experience for the wellness and beauty market. Remedix brings an interactive and unique concept of a personalized shopping experience. Products are mixed fresh at a formulation table where from a menu of recipes the customer can watch their facemask, body scrub or other products being created. At the wellness bar customers can mix and package their own bath product as well. (Won "Best of Boston Award")

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