Systemation Announces New Agile Development Training Program

Series of workshops teaches “nuts and bolts” of agile development as well as the softer skills of collaboration, communication, culture

Centennial, CO, March 25, 2009 --( Systemation, a results-driven training and consulting company that optimizes the project-based performance of individuals, teams and organizations, today announced the availability of a new Agile Development Training Program. The new program completes the training triumvirate for Systemation, which has been offering project management and business analysis programs over the past 50 years.

Taught by industry experts, the Agile Development Program teaches the overriding principles of agile, including the “nuts and bolts” of agile team development as well as the human side of the discipline, including collaboration, delegation, changing culture and communication. Strategies for taking the agile approach organization wide are also covered.

With projects of any size, requirements are notoriously unpredictable and are prone to substantial change, while major technical risks are often not discovered until late in the process. Incorporating key enterprise functionality takes considerable time, and is often delivered with a myriad of defects. Due to their linear nature, traditional development methodologies are too inflexible to accommodate such unpredictable change and chaos, which is why an increasing number of developers are embracing the agile approach.

“On a day-to-day basis, project teams need to adapt more quickly to changing realities through frequent iterations, flexible adaptation, collaborative team work and self organization,” stated Ben Snyder, CEO of Systemation. “At a more strategic level, project-oriented companies need an approach that better aligns product development with company goals. Meeting these needs lies at the very heart of agile, and our new Agile Development Program dives deeply into all of these tactical and strategic imperatives.”

Consisting of three workshops conducted over the course of seven days, Systemation’s Agile Development Program is designed to help students learn how agile project teams can better adapt to changing circumstances, how to increase daily cooperation between business people and developers, why “good enough” is often better than “perfect”, why late changes in requirements can be a good thing, and much more.

A sampling of specific learning topics includes:

· Expected benefits from agile practices
· Key principles that lead to successful products
· Overviews in Scrum, XP, and AUP
· Required team culture and environment
· Pathways to team member accountability
· Variations from traditional Project Management and Business Analysis practices
· Specific needs from a product champion
· How to ensure product quality

Similar to Systemation’s other training programs in project management and business analysis, participation in the Agile Development Program can be applied towards a certificate from University of Colorado Denver. The Program adopts Systemation’s renowned approach to training – teaching practical, immediately-usable skills using a highly interactive, experiential approach.

To get more information on Systemation’s new Agile Development Program and its project management and business analysis learning improvement solutions, call 1-800-747-9783, or visit

About Systemation
Founded in 1959 and headquartered in Centennial, Colorado, Systemation is a results-driven training and consulting company that optimizes the performance of individuals, teams and organizations by instilling best practice project-based processes and techniques across the enterprise. With unparalleled expertise in project management, business analysis and agile development, Systemation helps transform the way people learn and perform to maximize overall businesses success. Systemation has proven to be an innovative agent of business transformation for many government entities and Fortune 2,000 companies, including Verizon, Barclays Bank, JPM Chase, Mattel, State of Oregon, Travelers, Bridgestone, Amgen and Whirlpool.

Laurel Cagan