Eco G Painters Takes a Healthy Step in Green House Painting San Diego

Eco G Painters in San Diego, CA takes initiative in paint contracting by using eco-friendly paint products.

San Diego, CA, March 26, 2009 --( n a move to do their part in helping protect the environment, their staff, and their customers, Eco G Painters, a green house painting San Diego Contractor, has initiated a ‘go green’ campaign in Southern California.

The program, not necessarily a new one for Eco G Painters, has been a healthy step in the right direction for the overall betterment of their community. Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic shift from the use of inorganic paints, which emit toxins that are linked to the top five human health hazards, to organic paints, which emit low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that minimally effect the surrounding environments. This change came when numerous paint manufacturers began formulating organic paints. The supply became abundant and the organic paint prices dropped, which in turn made the choice much more affordable.

“Although we’ve always known that low-VOC paints were the way to go, it was sometimes hard to convince some homeowners to go that way,” says Brando Giron, Owner of Eco G Painters.

“Organic paints were more expensive and came in colors that didn’t necessarily jibe with what the customer wanted. No one wants to spend money and then have to come home to a color they don’t like. Thankfully, the paint manufacturers we work with saw the demand and moved forward.”

In addition to customer demand, the Environmental Protection Agency has created and enforced new environmental regulations. They have also been an instrumental part of this change, making ‘Green House Painting San Diego’ a slogan that will last longer than any paint coat.

Eco G Painters has two offices in Southern California and can be reached at (858) 277-5264 in San Diego, or (877) 277-5220 in Santa Ana, or visit their website at

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