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South Carolinians have a new source for their state’s political news and current events. - a unique approach to reading South Carolina news.

Greenville, SC, May 18, 2005 --( SC Headlines ( provides a unique format for serious citizens to stay informed about South Carolina’s latest political news and current events. “What makes us so unique is that South Carolinians can choose the news and offer their own comments concerning that specific headline,” said Benj Buck, the site’s editor. SC Headlines is South Carolina’s branch of, a shared community of individuals with various ideologies and views on the issues of the day.

South Carolina takes this new site very seriously. Over the last month the number of unique visitors has more than doubled. “People like the interaction available on this site. SC Headlines has become the stage for statewide debates,” says Buck. A link accompanies each headline, providing guests a means to weigh in with their opinions.

Furthermore, SC Headlines is equipped with numerous columnists, from both the conservative and liberal persuasion. Even politicians weigh in with OPED columns knowing that each submittal is immediate, as opposed to the next morning news offered by print mediums. A section for press releases also allows politicians and special interest groups to keep South Carolina informed.

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