Resonance Consultancy Pte Ltd Pledges Its Support for Earth Hour

Resonance Consultancy takes small steps towards saving the Earth.

Singapore, Singapore, March 28, 2009 --( Resonance Consultancy Pte Ltd will participate in Earth Hour, an international voluntary movement organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

The world’s first and largest voluntary movement towards a call for action on climate change, Earth Hour, aims to provide the platform for more than 1 billion people from over 1,000 cities around the world to unite in one voice. In this global election, subscribers will turn off their lights from 2030hrs to 2130hrs on the 28th March, in a vote for Earth.

Resonance Consultancy will be pledging its support and taking it one step further by turning off all electricity and lights within its office from 2030hrs to 2359hrs on 28th March.

Resonance Consultancy is a homegrown boutique consultancy firm that specialises in business development and communications consultancy. “As a small-medium enterprise, Resonance Consultancy believes in taking small steps towards achieving the goal of being environmentally responsible citizens. During our course of work, there is an extensive use of technological appliances such as air-conditioning, laptops, printers and scanners. To pledge our support towards Earth Hour, Resonance Consultancy will be showing our commitment by switching off all electricity and lights within our office from 2030hrs to 2359hrs on 28th March.” commented Cherilyn Tan, Founder of Resonance Consultancy Pte Ltd.

Resonance Consultancy’s small steps towards saving the Earth begins with the office mantra of reduce, re-use and recycle.

To reduce the use of electricity, all staff in Resonance Consultancy are encouraged to remove their fully-charged laptops from its charging unit. Electrical plug points are also switched off when not in use as opposed to being left in a standby mode. Not only does this decrease electricity usage, it also prolongs the lifespan of the laptop batteries.

Resonance Consultancy also believes in reducing waste produced in the company. Waste disposal in Singapore is destroyed by means of incineration or landfills.

There are currently four incineration plants in Singapore. These plants are located at Ulu Pandan, Senoko, Tuas and Tuas South. The Tuas South Incineration Plant has been constructed to be one of the largest in the world. All former landfills have reached their maximum capacity due to land scarcity; there is only one functioning landfill facility, Pulau Semakau, Singapore’s first offshore landfill that started its operations in 1 April 1999. Incineration, however, is the process of burning wastes into ashes. Such a process produces greenhouse gases that are eventually released into the atmosphere.

Thus, to reduce waste produced, Resonance Consultancy has adopted the use of biodegradable products within the office. From biodegradable ring binders to biodegradable trash bags, these products can be broken down by natural biological means when disposed.

Cherilyn added, “We have also put in place recycle containers within the office to sort our waste into paper, glass and plastic. Paper is most definitely reused on both sides before being discarded. Documents are only printed when necessary whilst scanning and receiving of faxes are directly saved onto our computers and printed only when necessary. Our staff uses personal mugs instead of disposable paper or Styrofoam cups to cut down on the amount of waste produced within the office.”


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