Prosperity Automated System (PAS) Featured on Discovery Channel’s “Pulse on America”

Calgary, Canada, July 21, 2006 --( The BKS Marketing team ( and member of the Megawealthy Team ( announce the Prosperity Automated Sytem (PAS) will be featured on a Discovery Channel series, “Pulse on America” regarding home based businesses.

Home based business, Prosperity Automated System, also known as PAS, will be featured on the educational television series, “Pulse on America” in August. The 12-year-old, debt-free company will be featured in a segment on “Innovative Home Based Business Solutions” as part of the Models of Excellence series.

The Prosperity Automated System was selected from thousands of internet home based businesses for it’s model’s premise. Home based business owners do not have to advertise, make phone calls, do follow-ups, answer questions or sell because the company and team professionals do all of the work.

It will air nationally on the Discovery Channel and regionally in conjunction with CNN Headline News. The Prosperity Automated System (PAS) is based in Citrus Heights, CA and founded by Bill Osterhout. An experienced and successful business builder and networker, Bill had spent time and money creating the PAS to help people in the areas of where over 90% fail in the networking industry.

The Prosperity Automated System was developed for the home based business owner, networker or online marketer who doesn’t have much time to dedicating to a home based business but wants to make a substantial income. The marketing is done for you and follow up calls are done by qualified, experienced team of leaders.

PAS uses state-of-the-art technology to be an automated lead generator or prospector using search engine technology.

“Now that it’s going to be featured on a television series I can’t even imagine the new heights this publicity will take PAS. Not to mention the increased credibility. When we found this out, we simply couldn’t pass it up. The fact that it will also promote other income streams as well is just a plus,” said Brad & Kelly Smith of BKS Marketing.

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Kelly and partner/husband, Brad Smith are founders of their own home based business, BKS Marketing & Income Strategies. They are students and mentors of Mentors in Motion and The Master Key System. They share their passion and knowledge of being in the Industry for the last 5 years together to help others succeed in the home based business.

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