During the Month of May, Inquisitive Research Corporation Will be Offering Three NJ Non-Profit Organizations

Metuchen, NJ, May 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- A NJ criminal background check is a procedure involving the research of a possible criminal record on a subject. These checks can be performed more accurately on-site at a courthouse or through a private online database. Criminal background checks are essential when hiring the right person for a business. According to the Sue Weaver CAUSE (consumer awareness of unsafe service employment) 73% of all applications contain falsified information and 35% of small business failure is caused by an employee related crime. It has also been proven that employees steal ten times more than shoplifters and each year 1.7 million assaults occur in the workplace. It is never safe to trust an applicant without first looking into their past. It may only seem important to check applicants that work in high security positions such as hospitals, schools and banks, however, it is just as important to use criminal background checks in small business. A criminal background check could save your business.

The process of performing a NJ criminal background check is simple. Yet, many companies would rather take the chance of hiring a criminal than checking their background. The most common and accurate way to perform a criminal background check is through the NJ Superior Courthouse where they are checked for free using the Promise/Gavel computer system. However, if a business does not have the time or experience to run a criminal background check they may outsource to a company dedicated to on-site courthouse research of criminal records. Inquisitive Research Corporation, a NJ based company offers businesses New Jersey criminal background checks in all 21 counties in NJ.

During the month of May, Inquisitive Research Corporation will be offering three NJ non-profit organizations free on-site courthouse research of criminal records. Inquisitive Research's team of criminal background check experts and researchers give important information to companies that can prevent them from hiring an applicant with a known criminal conviction.

Inquisitive Research has been providing timely, accurate and affordable NJ on site courthouse research of criminal records to businesses for over twelve years. They are proud to call themselves the NJ employment screening specialists. If interested in more information about the free NJ criminal background checks please visit iqresearch for terms and conditions.

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