The Fast Paced Global Economy – How Can Business Keep Up?

Vancouver, Canada, July 25, 2006 --( With more and more companies outsourcing work to India, China and other nations, businesses around the globe need to become aware and act upon the new global economic reality.

“Many companies want to expand into the global market place, but are unsure as to how to make connections, train their staff and complete transactions,” says Kerrace Alexander, President of Bigfish Strategies Inc. Bigfish is a new Vancouver, B.C. based consulting firm that specializes in assisting businesses to systematically plan, grow and execute their own international market success in the global economy.

Alexander’s 15 year background in negotiating and developing long term strategic partnerships in Europe, Middle East, Caribbean, and North America, have provided her with a unique ability to understand the world marketplace, and share that knowledge with her clients. As the author of RippleFX a process centric methodology which combines a best practice consultative design for international market development with technology that systemizes the entire market planning process from beginning to end. She is an expert that clients from around the world are calling upon for assistance.

“Our focus is on taking the confusion out of global expansion, and teaching clients how to positively take advantage of new opportunities in other countries,” says Alexander. “Our clients are able to accelerate international revenues and lower market expansion risk by using our proven step by step methodology which can easily be transformed into a sales asset and merged into the company’s operations, and culture. The technology can be modified according to the company’s evolving goals, objectives and utilized for ongoing skill development, driving internal opportunities for team members while limiting attrition and enhancing the corporate reputation. The assistance we offer is unique in the marketplace. One that marries the traditional value of one-on–one consulting with innovative technology.”

Using innovative customizable planning systems for international business development specifically developed for companies who think big and want to grow internationally, Bigfish is becoming a leader in global channel and partner development. Working with clients in the fields of technology, consumer, and industrial products, Bigfish is establishing a reputation as a company that provides leading edge assistance in the ever-expanding international marketplace.

“As the world continues to shrink in relation to commerce, Bigfish provides the tools to become a part of the global economy in a highly profitable way,” remarked Alexander in a recent interview. “We will be persistent in our efforts to move our clients and their businesses forward. And then we ask our clients 'How far will you go?'”


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