Manufacturing Companies Provide Troops with IED Protection

Costa Mesa, CA, July 26, 2006 --( StacoSwitch, a Southern California Switch Manufacturer, is supplying their SERIES 30 rugged sealed switches to manufacturing companies providing American Armed Forces with classified equipment successfully used to prevent deadly attacks from improvised explosive devices (IEDs). These devices using StacoSwitch SERIES 30 switches have been credited with saving American lives.

Thousands of U.S. soldiers have been killed or badly injured by IEDs in Iraq. The Iraq Coalition Casualty Count has reported that 35 of the 61 U.S. troops killed in action in June 2006 died from IEDs. IEDs have killed more than 903 soldiers in Iraq and injured hundreds more. Before detecting technology, IEDs were almost impossible to detect. They can easily be camouflaged, hidden, or buried and can be triggered using remote controls or by command wire.

According to a March 2006 Newsweek article, “The Pentagon and Central Command do not like to get into specifics, for fear of tipping off the insurgents, but officials claim that the military is disarming an ever-greater number of IEDs before they can kill Americans.” The classified device that is currently saving lives in Iraq will defeat IEDs before the device kills or maims.

Kevin Judd, VP of Marketing at StacoSwitch says, “We are proud to provide equipment that directly protects our troops from fatal IED attacks. As IEDs become more sophisticated and harder to detect, we hope StacoSwitch and its partners will continue to be invaluable to saving lives in Iraq,” says Judd.

About StacoSwitch:
Based in Southern California, StacoSwitch has been a leading provider of Lighted Pushbutton Display Switches and Indicators, Rugged Keyboards and Keypads, Lighting and Switching Electronic Controllers, LED Products, Digital Pulse Dimmers and Tactile Feedback Touchscreen Solutions worldwide for over 40 years. StacoSwitch serves a wide variety of highly reliable switch markets from the extreme demands of U.S. military and law enforcement to extended repetitive wear conditions in commercial markets, from caustic hazardous waste environments to crucial medical instrumentation fields. StacoSwitch continues to be a leader with field proven experience in these demanding, rapidly growing global markets.

Michelle McCann