New Website Promises Improve Your Current MLM Business in 1 Minute

Almost 90% of all network marketers fail because the tools they are given fail 90% of the time. MLMSuccessMinute.Com attempts to reverse that trend and help network marketers become wildly successful in their own network marketing businesses.

Philadelphia, PA, July 26, 2006 --( Many people make their attempt to realize the American Dream by starting their own home based business. Because of their relatively low start-up costs and promise of turn key success systems, a great number of these people look to multi-level marketing (mlm) companies, in an attempt to become full fledged entrepreneurs. The unfortunate fact is that more than 90% of the people, who join an MLM company, will fail.

www.MLMSuccessMinute.Com is a website dedicated to reversing that staggering statistic. Founded by a network marketing trainer and small business consultant, this web site takes advice and strategies from network marketing leaders around the world and condenses them into one minute videos that you can view on their web site for free.

The website is still in its pre-launch phase and expects to go live in the middle of August. “We are really excited about our new site,” say Brian Johnson, CEO and creator of the MLMSuccessMinute.Com website. “We really believe that the reasons most people are not experiencing the successes that they hope for in their MLM or home based business, could be overcome if these people made small changes to their business. Changes that are so tiny that we call give you the solutions in just about one minute.”

One of the big challenges of network marketers is the rigidity of their training. They typically are told to follow the method that made their up line successful, if they are successful. However, they key to any marketing strategy is to evaluate your marketing and if necessary… adjust. However, many companies pride themselves on telling you there is only one way to build your business. The fact is there are many successful network marketers and some of their strategies, even thought they worked for other companies, may work equally well in your business.

Although www.MLMSuccessMinute.Com is still in its pre-launch phase there is no doubt that anyone that is interested in improving and growing their own small business or network marketing organization will find this free resource invaluable.

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