Dji Dieng - an International Top Model Combating Malaria

On April 25th 2009 the International Malaria World-Day is celebrated. ZeroMalaria Association together with its supporters and Goodwill Ambassadors is engaged in the combat against malaria.

New York, NY, April 19, 2009 --( The International Malaria World-Day on 25 April 2009.

Dji Dieng - An International Top Model Combating Malaria.

ZeroMalaria is a non-profit and non-governmental humanitarian organization that was created with a goal to fight malaria, a disease which kills millions of people every year in Africa, Asia and The Americas.

The principal objective of this charity association, founded by celebrities like Supermodel Dji Dieng, an internationally known French top model and humanitarian activist from Senegal, is to promote the prevention and treatment of Malaria through the collection and distribution of important materials like mosquito nets and medicine to ensure treatment against malaria.

For many years Dji Dieng is involved into humanitarian support. She was honoured with the Award For Humanity, The Leading Ladies Award and the United Nations Volunteer Award for her social engagements for UNESCO, but also for HIV / AIDS prevention and breast cancer. She and her companies Dji Dieng Management / CCR Universal Entertainment had sponsored a lot of charity events and photo shoots for those causes.

Having been a victim of malaria herself, Supermodel Dji Dieng decided to found, together with other celebrities as Jody Watley (Grammy Award Winner), Salif Keita (UN Goodwill Ambassador), Gavin Rajah (Designer and UNICEF Ambassador), Supermax (2 times Golden Aphex Award for best selling artist), Gitta Saxx, New Sin, Coshiva, Solo Dos, Stamina, Gattinoni (Italian Haute—Couturier), Eymeric Francois (French Haute-Couturier), Yiannos Xenis (Greek Haute-Couturier) a.m.o., the ZeroMalaria Association to combat one of the most dangerous diseases of our planet.

Every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria

And every 30 seconds an adult dies from malaria

Those are reasons enough to support the cause, isn’t it!

ZeroMalaria Association is planning different charity events, including concerts and fashion shows. Their concept has been trademarked and is called “Rhythm & Angles”. The entire benefit of the charity events will be to distribute the mosquito nets for free to the poor and poorest in the malaria endemic countries.

ZeroMalaria Association does have short-, medium-, and long-term targets. ZeroMalaria is managed by a professional crisis manager and marketing managers. The short terms goals are to enter quickly into partnerships with companies as partners to be able to distribute as much mosquito nets for free as possible.

Europeans and Americans – among them 125 million travellers to malaria endemic countries - are not aware that the mosquito nets are the most efficient way to prevent malaria. If there is one malaria-infected person in a house, the risk that all the family gets malaria easily through transmission by the mosquito is very high. This is reason to put the infected person under the net first.

ZeroMalaria’s goal is to distribute a maximum number of mosquito nets for free.

ZeroMalaria Association centres around mosquito nets treated with insecticides, the use of which is strongly recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This method of infection prophylaxis enables people to defend themselves against the disease independently.

The insecticide treatment prevents the mosquitoes from stinging through the net. Use of the nets is flanked by information campaigns. The goal is to create among the population an awareness of the options available for fighting these two diseases.

Middle and long- term projects are to distribute free prophylaxis medication to help treat the poor and poorest people.

500 million new infections per year (more than the population of the USA)

3 million dead (more than the population of the City of Berlin)

Support ZeroMalaria on the 25th April 2009 – The International Malaria World-Day

To combat together Malaria, ZeroMalaria e.V. needs the generous support of socially responsible industrial, finance and service companies, but also from any donator who would like to help to fight against Malaria and to save Life.

Any individual (and corporations) can make donations to ZeroMalaria e.V..

ZeroMalaria e.V. is duly registered as a humanitarian non-profit organization in Munich, Germany (Reg. No. VR202111).

ZeroMalaria e.V.
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