VoicePulse Expands Coverage Where FairPoint Falls Short

VoicePulse sees an increase of new customers from New England states.

Jamesburg, NJ, April 25, 2009 --(PR.com)-- VoicePulse Inc. announced today it will be adding more phone numbers to accommodate the increase in demand for New England service. Customers defecting from New England's newest telco have prompted VoicePulse to increase it's coverage in Maine and New Hampshire.

"We've had customers contacting us about friends and family who want to port their phone numbers. We knew that New England customers were having problems but we were still surprised at the number of people signing up from those states," explains VoicePulse's CEO Ravi Sakaria. “We can accommodate new customers from Maine and New Hampshire with temporary numbers while they port their current numbers or wait for a new local number. People should contact Customer Service immediately for details about availability and special offers.”

A high-speed Internet connection and an ordinary touch-tone telephone are the only requirements to take advantage of VoicePulse's home and business broadband phone service. For customers concerned about interruptions in their Internet service, Unavailable Call Forwarding allows customers to designate a back up phone such as a cell phone so Internet outages become a non-issue. Unlimited calling plans start at $14.99 and residents and businesses can visit www.voicepulse.com/fairpoint for details.

“We had one particular customer in Maine describing how friends and family members were desperate to sign up for new service,” adds Sakaria. “Our Business Development team immediately got to work obtaining more phone numbers for customers in those areas. We currently have availability in New Hampshire and we are expecting more phone numbers for both Maine and New Hampshire.”

In 2003, VoicePulse was the first Open-Source-friendly VoIP service provider on the market. Six years later, VoicePulse wants to brings its premier VoIP service to home users, SMB's and PBX resellers. The flexibility and cost benefits make VoicePulse a great value-added product for SMB's not only in cities but in any town that has broadband service.

About VoicePulse
VoicePulse is an IP telecommunications company that delivers SIP trunking, origination, worldwide termination and high-quality phone service to residential and business customers. We deliver flexible and innovative VoIP features along with a reputation for quality, reliability and excellent customer service. From auto-configuration samples to an all-inclusive Account Center, VoicePulse will work for you. www.voicepulse.com

VoicePulse for Business and Wholesale is a prepaid service with sub-penny pricing and can be customized based upon individual needs. For more information visit our website at www.voicepulse.com/connect/, call us at +1-732-339-5100, or email sales @ voicepulse.com.

Monica Haley