Five Arrested After Sonitrol Pacific Detects Church Break-in

Stanwood, WA, April 29, 2009 --( Police and sheriff’s deputies responded together to a call from Sonitrol Pacific and arrested five people suspected of breaking into a church April 25.

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Joseph Orsborn received activations of the audio security system protecting the Little White Church on the Hill and heard crashing noises and voices. He immediately called law enforcement officials.

Deputies and police officers responded in force to the call from Sonitrol Pacific with five cars.

Officers shouted “freeze or we’ll send the dogs!” and five suspects gave themselves up.

According to officials, the suspects broke a window and kicked in a door to a bathroom, but were unable to get further access to the church. Officers believe the five intended to vandalize the church, but damage was kept to a minimum due to the quick response from Sonitrol Pacific, the sheriff’s department and the police department.

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Pamela Singleton