Surplus Broker Seminar™ Will Prepare You for a Career as a Broker in the Thriving Multi-Billion Dollar Surplus Industry in the One Day

Government agencies, industrial and commercial businesses are selling surplus inventory of virtually every description, available in unbelievable quantities, on a year-round basis. And they’re selling it for pennies on the dollar. Learn the inside information very few people know anything about and get the training needed to become successful with a home business in this unique industry. Receive Live Step-by-Step Training in a One Day Surplus Broker Seminar™ with a Money Back Guarantee.

Seattle, WA, May 06, 2009 --( Surplus Broker Seminar™ will prepare you for a career as a broker in the thriving multi-billion dollar surplus industry in the One Day.

Learn All the Inside Secrets of This Work from Home Business with a Money Back Guarantee from an Expert With 20 Years Experience.

C&D Professional Services™ (C&D), a highly successful brokerage business has been providing excellent buying opportunities with both new and used surplus equipment to businesses across the country for over 20 years. Until now, brokers who were successful in this business wouldn't tell anyone how they did it. That has all changed. C&D decided to share all the information very few people know anything about, that is the secrets that go on behind the scenes in this thriving multi-billion dollar surplus industry. Through their new web site, Surplus Broker Seminar (SBS)(, they are offering anyone the opportunity to receive live step-by-step expert training, inside information and support materials in a one day seminar, the training needed to become successful with a home business in this unique industry. Learn how to work from home (or almost anywhere) as a broker, putting sellers and buyers together, make a lot of money and have fun doing it. For men and women, employed and/or looking, this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. Own a thriving home business with little or no money needed to start, that provides the time and money needed to really enjoy life and family. Potential brokers don’t need any prior business background, don’t have to purchase, hold or store equipment or inventory and don’t have to quit their present job until their new income exceeds their present salary.

Chuck Downey, owner of C&D and the expert who personally conducts the seminar said. “It's true. Opportunities in the multi-billion dollar surplus industry are just about limitless. It’s one of a few home jobs offering a steady and substantial income and relatively no one has a clue as to how it happens. And satisfaction with the seminar is guaranteed. At the end of the seminar, if you are not completely satisfied, SBS will give you a full refund of the price you paid for the seminar.”

Government, industrial and commercial surplus of virtually every description, is available in almost unbelievable quantities, on a year-round basis. A business built around available surplus will produce excellent profitability, in a fraction of the time, with far less work and involvement than other more typical businesses.

Downey continued, “And, it's one of the easiest and most enjoyable businesses you could ever get into in a stress free, enjoyable work environment. You don’t have to be a genius. What you need is knowledge, and that’s just what you’ll get in our one day, down to earth, no nonsense, workshop seminar. If you follow a very simple and unique formula that we will teach you, brokering surplus material and equipment will give you what is only a dream for most people.”

“Think about it. How many hours do you have to work to make $1000? Most people spend an hour or two, in some cases over 4 hours a day, just getting ready for work and commuting just to put in 8 hours, doing a job they would rather not be doing.”

“Here are a couple of examples. A box of strange looking fittings I purchased from an auction for $7.50, I sold for $1100. Total time involved, less than half a day. And I attended the auction in person, which was a lot of fun. Some electrical equipment I spotted on an internet auction, I purchased cheap just before the bid closed and made a profit of $10,400. Total time involved, less than 2 hours. And an item purchased from the government for a little over $1,000 was sold back to the government for $48,000. I don’t know of another business you could go into and make so much, so fast, with little or no money.”

This opportunity is real, it's current, and it's available now. All of the benefits and details of the seminar are spelled out on the Surplus Broker Seminar web site ( Classes start in June.


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