600+ Criteria General Purpose RFI Template for Publishing Systems Available at IT Enquirer

General Purpose Request for Information (RFI) helps cross-channel magazine, book, corporate and technical publishers to create a feature-complete, effective RFI and also allows them to evaluate their current system. Vertical RFIs are scheduled to appear soon.

Antwerp, United Kingdom, May 08, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The IT Enquirer, a leading information resource for cross-channel, multimedia publishers, announces the availability of a template for a general purpose Request for Information (RFI) specifically aimed at cross-channel magazine, book, corporate and technical publishers. The General Purpose RFI will help publishers create a feature-complete, effective RFI and also allow them to evaluate their current system. In the coming days and weeks, specialised RFIs for vertical publishing markets will be released as well.

An RFI provides a structured methodology for reducing a long list of software suppliers down to a more manageable number that is suitable for remote or online demonstrations. It can also be used as an instrument to evaluate an existing system.

Creating a Request for Information (RFI) takes a lot of time and effort. Feature complete and effective RFIs can take teams of up to 4 people over 2 months of work, including meetings, interviews, etc.

Developed in conjunction with leading software vendors, IT Enquirer's RFIs are comprehensive, thorough and up-to-date lists of criteria that publishing systems should support to be effective and contributory to a publication’s success.

IT Enquirer RFI templates can be used for:

System definition and process mapping
GAP analysis (compare actual performance with potential performance)
Preparation of product demonstrations
System and vendor evaluation

The RFI can help developers and vendors to compare their systems against the criteria list and assess development efforts.

The General Purpose RFI lists criteria that are common to all modern publishing systems. The vertical market RFIs that will be released shortly after will contain criteria that are uniquely required by these markets. Planned are RFIs for corporate, book, magazine, and technical publishing.

The currently released General Purpose RFI can be downloaded online in Excel file format for the price of 600.00 USD (approx. 450.00 EUR).

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