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American Leak Detection in Dallas/Fort Worth Passes ePipe Savings on to Customers.

Dallas, TX, May 08, 2009 --(PR.com)-- In today’s economic climate, saving money has become a priority and quality service is more important than its ever been before. For this reason, American Leak Detection, serving the Greater Dallas and Fort Worth area (http://www.alddfw.com), is premiering a brand new method of repairing pressurized fresh water lines.

Epipe technology, or epoxy pipe lining, is a method in which pressurized plumbing lines can be repaired without incurring a great deal of destruction for homeowners. After all, traditional methods of repair can be destructive and messy. The ePipe method addresses both of those factors with a repair option that will not only fix leaks, but will also prevent future leaks.

“We’ve done literally thousands of fresh water line leak repairs in the Dallas and Fort Worth area utilizing all methods of repair, and none of them can compare to ePipe,” said Will Knell, Director of Operations at American Leak Detection-Dallas. “Our customers have been very happy with the results because the ePipe method has really helped to minimize damage to the home and provided them with a 5yr warranty on the entire length of line we are coating. We have had great success with this type of plumbing repair.”

Epipe technology has not only benefited homeowners, but also hospitals, resorts, hotels, apartments and commercial properties. American Leak Detection can detect and repair leaky pipes in just about any setting without disrupting the normal operation of business. Moreover, the repaired pipe will not corrode or pit, leaving home and business owners with peace of mind regarding their plumbing system.

“We had one customer with a bad leak in the home and the ePipe system not only helped to reduce the overall cost of the job, due to the fact that the flooring in the home was not disturbed in any way, but the entire length of pipe was lined during the ePipe process, so any weak spots or areas that have the potential to leak in the future will be sealed and warranted as well,” said Knell.

The process of the ePipe lining system is fairly simple, which is part of its appeal:

1. First step is connecting the air hoses to the piping system and then drying the system with filtered air that has been preheated.

2. The second step is to clean the dry pipes using a mixture of air and an abrasive substance that gets the inside of the pipe prepared for the proper level of bonding of the epoxy.

3. Finally, an epoxy coating is applied to the inside of the copper pipe, thus sealing the leak and protecting the line from future leaks or corrosion.

This particular method has saved customers all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area from the destruction and mess that comes with traditional repairing methods. American Leak Detection offers customers a five-year warranty for the entire span of treated pipe, not just the area that was found to be leaking. The five-year warranty is three years longer than the standard American Leak Detection, which itself is one of the best in the industry.

For additional information about American Leak Detection, The Original Leak Specialists, serving the Greater Dallas and Fort Worth Area, or ePipe technology, please contact Will Knell at 972-713-8691 or visit http://www.alddfw.com.

American Leak Detection serving the Greater Dallas and Fort Worth Area utilizes specially trained experts and quality equipment to detect leaks before they require major home repairs. The company implements its own proprietary methods and technology to ensure the most non-invasive leak detection possible. Commercial and residential service is available.

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American Leak Detection-DFW, Inc. the Original Leak Specialists™, is a fully licensed, Texas-based company that guarantees superior-quality results at competitive prices. American Leak Detection’s highly trained technicians use non-invasive methods to perform services from cause and origin investigations to the environmentally friendly trenchless sewer pipe replacement. Selected from over 250 worldwide franchises as franchise-of-the-year in 1997, American Leak Detection was the first to offer advanced electronic leak detection and is the only company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to provide a Home Certification program to assure homebuyers and homeowners that their homes or homes-to-be are leak-free. For more information, please visit http://www.alddfw.com.


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