Price Per Head Services Giant Book EZ Has a New and Refreshed Look

San Jose, Costa Rica, May 10, 2009 --( Book Ez has presented a new and refreshed look towards becoming the number one price per player provider in the business. After many months of hard work and preparation, the new website for this per head shop has finally been launched and the company is expecting to receive an increasing amount of clients looking for outsourced bookmaking solutions over the next few months.

Book Ez has defined a new approach to the per head services business and this is why the decision to rebuild their online presence was taken. The new website was built after a thoughtful study of the price per player online tendencies and what bookmakers are looking for at the moment, which is why the best and most innovative technology was applied, in order to become the best per head shop website in the market.

Per head gambling has grown at an exponential rate through the past few years and per head services companies are now at a crucial time to discover their potential in a every day more competitive market, which is exactly what Book Ez has done with their latest move, a rebirth towards facing a fierce market in which they are now ready to compete as a leader in per head services.

As a part of the technological advances made in the new website, the most important aspect are the interaction tools that improve communication between the per head shop and bookmakers who are interested in hiring their services, with the blog being the most outstanding effort to turn this company into a source of valuable information to everyone interested in the world of sports betting.

RSS feeds were also implemented to guarantee that Book Ez followers and clients are up to date on a daily basis with the news, whether they are sports news or betting news, and offers that the company might provide. Other popular tools such as forums, which provide the perfect platform for bookmakers with the same interests to interact, and live chats to be able to speak in real time with representatives are also now part of this newly developed and unveiled per head services website.

"We believe that interaction and 24/7 assistance are key aspects of what bookmakers are looking for right now. What they want is an efficient company that will be able to give them multilingual help anytime they want it and however they want it, and that is what we are here to do", declared Costumer Service Manager, Ronny Carson. Book Ez looks to be knocking on the right doors and developing the right kind of projects, which they declare makes them feel confident in being the best choice in the business.

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