50+Fabulous Publishes Survival Guide for Women over 50

Survival Guide helps women over 50 survive the current financial crisis.

Sebastopol, CA, May 13, 2009 --(PR.com)-- 50+Fabulous, LLC announced today that it has published the 50+Fabulous Survival Guide, a special edition of its web based magazine www.50Fabulous.com to address the many issues boomer women are facing due to the financial crisis.

Topics include how to:

find a job at mid-life
stay on top of your financial situation
get a date by being budget savvy
lend support to adult children
reduce fear
survive using unique tactics
stay healthy
gain courage, confidence and peace
stay stylish on a budget

“Women are being buffeted from many directions during this time of increasing financial pressure,” said Pattie Heisser, Founder of 50+Fabulous. “They may be searching for employment due to a job loss, or facing re-entry into the workforce at midlife. Women are lending support to their spouses who are facing the emotional devastation of layoff, and grappling with the possibility of adult children moving back into their homes. We tapped our 50+Fabulous Experts’ wealth of experience and expertise to present information that women can apply to their lives right now and into the future, as well.”

These are unprecedented times in the lives of most boomer women and, as always, 50+Fabulous continues to focus on content that is immediately useful to this demographic. Although the Survival Guide is targeted at women over 50, anyone could benefit from much of the information it contains.

About 50+Fabulous

The 50+Fabulous web magazine, www.50Fabulous.com, is the premier lifestyle e-zine for women over 50 that educates, inspires, and motivates women to renew their sense of self, go after and achieve their dreams, and turbo charge their lives. And, through them inspire others and break down barriers for future generations of women.

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