Sonitrol Pacific Detects Senior Prank, Five Arrested

Marysville, WA, May 13, 2009 --( A high school senior prank landed five juveniles in trouble after Sonitrol Pacific audio sensors detected the students’ voices inside the school May 11.

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Connie Becerra received the activation of the school’s security system and listened to real-time audio to verify the alarm. She heard several voices inside the school, including one say “hurry up,” and called police.

Officers responded very quickly to the verified alarm, but didn’t find anything amiss during an initial sweep of the school and left. Knowing the accuracy of Sonitrol Pacific calls, a representative from the school district decided to complete a search of the entire building to confirm no one broke in. When he entered the room where the security system activations originated he found “100 plastic bags filled with balloons.”

He proceeded to wade through the bags and tripped over a person hiding among the balloons. Police were called back to the school and four more people materialized from the balloon room. Police found one of the individuals carrying a key to the room where they broke in.

According to the school’s representative, the five were students attempting to pull a senior prank.

Sound Security, dba Sonitrol Pacific
Pamela Singleton