Rooftop Scramble Foiled by Sonitrol Pacific Audio Detection

Portland, OR, May 14, 2009 --( Police took three suspected burglars into custody, plucking two from the roof and one from the bushes of an Oregon school, after the Sonitrol Pacific audio security system detected activity May 11.

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Michael Young received an activation of the school’s roof hatch alarm, followed by audio of a single bang and dispatched the school’s guard service. While the security guards were en route, Young received new audio sensor activations, heard ongoing banging noises and sounds of movement over the live audio feed. He immediately called Portland Police.

Police officers arrived and located two young people on the school’s roof and a third suspect hiding in the bushes. All three were taken into custody.

According to a representative from the district, the three had been partying on the school’s roof and alcohol containers littered the area. Although the roof hatch had been ripped off its hinges, police arrived before suspects got inside the school.

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Pamela Singleton