Introducing Jamie Chang's Image Consulting - JCIC - Jubilant Chic Impressive Classy

New York, NY, August 07, 2006 --( In today's competitive business and social climate, the Image you present to the world can be your ace in the hole or acne in the mole. Image is more than physical appearance. In addition to how you look, people also form impressions based on how you talk and behave. Unfortunately inevitably, people DO judge a book by its cover. No matter how great a table of contents you are, a merely quiet glance cast upon you can make you or break you.

Based in Big Apple NYC, JCIC is the 1st Asian/Chinese provider of image consultations. Established by Jamie Chang, JCIC has been providing individual and corporate image expertise to clients worldwide and specializing in helping clients develop a strong first impression and brand identity, through wardrobe and image development, communication, etiquette and protocol skills.

In addition to her fashion flair & insight into character, with over 8 years of experience in sales/marketing in financial service, manufacturing, and retail industries, Jamie multi-dimensionally brings a "grassroots" background to a career as an image consultant to provide assistance in creating, improving, and maintaining the appropriate professional/personal image with a sense of style & a touch of each client's unique personality.

Image Consulting helps polish not only your visual appearance but verbal and non-verbal communication to get you easily land a job, build network, obtain & maintain clients, find someone to love & be loved, or just feel good about yourself!

The services JCIC provides are much more than the hit TV shows "What Not to Wear", "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and "Extreme Makeover". You will also learn "What Not to Say", "Straight Flair for the Etiquette", "Never a Pushover" and many more. That you walk away with a bright outlook on your life and on yourself is our ultimate goal.

Jamie Chang's Image Consulting-JCIC
Jamie Chang