Powder-Solutions Reveals Bulk Powder Processing Sanitation Cure to Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging Leaders at EastPack

BFM fitting set to eliminate sanitation concerns by replacing traditional flex sleeves and hose clamps in powder processing plants.

New York, NY, May 20, 2009 --(PR.com)-- www.powder-solutions.com – Powder-Solutions, Inc., American distributors of the USDA accepted/3A certified BFM® fitting, will meet with leaders in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industries this week at EastPack. Revealed during these discussions will be the cure for bulk powder processing sanitation concerns, common in food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Packaged food and pharmaceuticals oftentimes begin the product lifecycle as unprocessed bulk powder. Common to plague bulk powder processing plants are sanitation concerns ranging from powder build-up to leakage.

Chief culprits causing sanitation concerns in food and pharmaceutical powder plants are standard flex sleeves and hose clamps which are used as processing connections. The design of standard flex sleeves and hose clamps inherently leads to powder infiltrating connections or building up within sleeves.

An alternative to traditional flex sleeves and hose clamps, the BFM® fitting is designed to eliminate powder build-up and leakage in food and pharmaceutical powder plants. Elimination of powder sanitation concerns is a benefit inherently built into the BFM® fitting’s remarkable design.

“The BFM® fitting features a crevice free surface designed to eliminate trapped powder, and its tight snap placement eliminates the threat of powder leakage,” states Marv Deam, CEO of Powder-Solutions, Inc. “By not trapping or leaking powder, bulk powder processing plants in the food and pharmaceutical industries instantly alleviates two of the larger culprits of unsanitary working conditions.”

Comprised of two basic elements, the BFM® fitting consists of a flexible sleeve with integral top and bottom stainless steel snap bands, and two matched formed spigots (welded in place). The BFM® sleeve snaps into place quickly and accurately using only an operator's hands, helping to ensure that the cleaning and sanitizing process is no longer a time consuming hassle.

"We are very pleased to be meeting with food and pharmaceutical packaging leaders at this week’s EastPack conference,” continues Deam. "We look forward to ensuring attendees leave armed with the knowledge to ensure safer bulk powder processing, and ultimately, safer packaged goods."

Deam and Powder-Solutions, Inc. will be at EastPack exhibiting the BFM® fitting at Booth 4548 through June 11th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

About Powder-Solutions, Inc.
Powder-Solutions, Inc. is a leading distributor of the USDA accepted/3A certified BFM® fitting, the first flexible industrial connective solution specifically designed to replace the standard flexible sleeve and hose clamp assembly and address chronic sanitation and safety concerns for the bulk powder processing industry. By working closely with companies in the food, dairy, nutritional, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, Powder-Solutions, Inc. continues to develop and refine new strategies to assist these companies in achieving their business objectives via safe and innovative plant processes. For more information on Powder-Solutions, Inc. or the revolutionary BFM® fitting, visit www.powder-solutions.com.

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