Pick Yours Up Announces a Notification Solution for Mailbox Service Providers

People who rent mailboxes can all agree on one thing; it's inconvenient to constantly check a mailbox to find no mail. Pick Yours Up has designed a solution for mailbox service providers to manage customers and notify them when they receive mail.

Ottawa, Canada, May 21, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Pick Yours Up, the leading provider of mailbox notification solutions, announces the release of its management tools and notification system. The system, first launched as a beta in November 2008, allows mailbox service providers to manage their customers efficiently, and provide them with express notifications when they receive courier or package mail.

The management tools are offered to service providers at no charge and allows them generate more revenue off their mailbox services. It gives them centralized access to their customer data, with enhanced features such as mailbox grid view, search tools, reporting and account expiry updates. Service providers who sign up for the service will have free notifications included with the management tools for three months. This will give them the opportunity to gradually introduce the enhanced services to their customers.

"In this current economy, service providers are looking for better ways to provide value without the added cost. Our system integrates with their existing infrastructure and streamlines their business processes. They're connected to a rich user interface, and require no extra hardware than what they already have. We are practically giving away our management tools along with access to an additional revenue stream with our notification system," said Ahmed Dirie, Co-founder & Developer of Pick Yours Up. “For people who rent mailboxes, being notified when they receive mail is a service that should be an automated process. They shouldn't have to call their provider to have them check their mailbox.”

For additional information on their mailbox management tools and notification solutions, contact Ahmed Dirie at (866) 255-6580 ext.101 or visit Pick Yours Up at www.pickyoursup.com.

About Pick Yours Up:
Pick Yours Up, a startup company based in Canada's capital, is the leading provider of mailbox management and notification solutions for mailbox service providers.

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