Model Aeroplane Kit Helps New RITE-LOK Users

Five hundred engineers and technicians returned to their childhoods last month when a traditional plastic construction kit landed on their desks. Sent out by the Industrial Adhesives and Tapes division of 3M, the diversified technology company, the models of the famous Gnat jet trainer, as used by the Red Arrows, were part of a campaign to introduce new users to the ease of using RITE-LOK high-strength adhesives and sealants.

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, May 23, 2009 --( “Many of today’s engineers were introduced to manufacturing through evenings and weekends spent gluing and finishing plastic kits,” says 3M marketing executive Stefan Cubitt. “Re-living this experience using RITE-LOK is a great way to demonstrate the benefits of a modern, high-technology adhesive.”

To provide everything needed for an enjoyably nostalgic lunch hour, the injection-moulded polystyrene kits were supplied with 3M branded stickers and a tube of RITE-LOK cyanoacylate fluid. The adhesive was chosen because it cures quickly, simplifying and speeding up assembly, and is also largely odourless.

“Another benefit is that in most applications, RITE-LOK delivers class-leading performance but can be around ten per cent cheaper than the leading competitor,” says Cubitt. “Our specialists can also help find process improvements that will release further savings.”

RITE-LOK can bond a wide variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, ceramics and rubber. The range also includes anaerobic adhesives such as threadlockers, retainers and gasketmakers, along with UV curing adhesives which provide an invisible bond with instant cure. The RITE-LOK Anaerobic Pipe Sealant PS77 has recently been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme for use in sealing pipe joints for water carrying systems, having passed rigorous tests to confirm its suitability for contact with potable water. The quality of all RITE-LOK products is backed by the 3M name and a $1.4bn annual research budget that ensures 3M technologies offer the best combination of price and performance.

The RITE-LOK range
RITE-LOK Anaerobic Adhesive is a high performance, single-component engineering adhesive that cures without air in the presence of metal ions.
RITE-LOK Cyanoacrylate Adhesive is a high performance, single component adhesive with rapid cure. Suitable for a wide variety of substrates.
RITE-LOK UV Adhesive polymerises when exposed to ultraviolet light to create an invisible bond.
RITE-LOK Structural Adhesives combine rapid speed of cure with high tensile, shear and peel resistance for maximum operating performance.
RITE-LOK Silicone Sealant SC6151 is a one component, acetoxy-curing, high temperature RTV (room temperature vulcanised) silicone designed for gasketing and sealing applications.
RITE-LOK Activators and Primers help to optimise the performance of the adhesives range for specific, highly demanding applications.
The RITE-LOK range is available from 3M distributors now.
RITE-LOK is a trademark of 3M Company.
3M is a trademark of 3M Company.

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