Webgreeter Software is Easy to Use

Webgreeter software has been developed incorporating the best capabilities of many off the shelf systems which are similar and is easy to use and resource friendly.

Chicago, IL, May 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Webgreeter, the Chicago based online chat-support company have announced the imminent launch of their own home-grown software. The live chat support provided by the webgreeter services is implemented on websites using a set of currently available off the shelf live-chat solutions.

The new software was developed by the in house software development team and boasts the best features of many of the currently used software solutions as well as many new features that have been added for their utility and the advantages that they provide towards efficient implementation of live-chat services.

Howard White, Marketing manager at Webgreeter spoke on the subject saying "the service is the most automated and easy to handle ever developed. It requires minimal training of operators and basically runs itself". The live-chat sales and support services provided using this software will be fully automated and very resource friendly. Chatting will be enabled on multiple platforms as the software is .net based and will work with any user-end browser. Greetings will be made automatically and this will utilize the potential business generation from online traffic in the best possible way.


Web greeter.com is a chat based customer service and support service which provides websites with live web greeters (also called WebGreeter) who are available live, in real time, on websites. These live greeters greet visitors on a website to provide customer care and sales support.


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